Why you need a web developer

Some years ago I was pitching my web services to a lawyer who was telling me he was thinking about building his website himself. I pointed out that every hour he spent on the website was an hour he couldn’t charge to his clients. Since he was a high-priced lawyer but had no experience building websites, I asked him, if he was accustomed to paying $300/hour for unskilled labor.

If you have a business, either a start-up or an established one, you are busy. Either you are out there marketing your services or you are in your office fulfilling your customer’s expectations. But you aren’t sitting around looking for things to do.

You also need a website. After all, in discussions with prospects, the question about a website has long since gone from “Do you have a website?” to “What is your website?”. And if your answer is a sheepish “Our website sucks,”or even worse “We don’t have one,” your prospect may conclude that you aren’t serious about your business. You need to get beyond the question of your website and get back to your pitch about what you can do for this person.

Yes, you can go online and create an “instant” website. Problem is, it isn’t instant, regardless of what the ads say. Well, yes, the shell is instant. But what do you put into that shell? You need text and photos describing your business and your services, you need to organize the site logically so it tells a story that hangs together, and you need to create menus that lead your site visitor through that organization.

And then you need to test the site to make sure that all links work and it works on all browsers. Oh yeah, and if you are using stock photos (or even riskier, photos you found on the web), you had better know something about copyright law so you don’t have to worry about receiving a cease and desist letter from a lawyer representing a photo’s owner.

So, would you rather be doing this stuff or tending to your business? That’s what I thought. Strangely enough, I enjoy doing this stuff. What’s more, I’m good at it.

My suggestion: You do what you do best and leave this web stuff, which I do best, to me. Contact me. Let’s talk about it.