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nos_pg Newton Open Studios

Newton Open Studios (known affectionately to its friends as “NOS”) is a yearly event in Newton, MA, in which local artists invite art lovers to view their work, either in their studio or in public display areas.  This is a great opportunity for artists to get exposure and sell some of their work.

Each artist who signs up for the event has his or her own page on the NOS website on which they can display photos of their work, a discussion of their artistic bents, and their contact information. The artist has control of their page, uploading images and changing the discussion and contact information themselves. The event fee is also collected through the website.

The yearly event occurs on a weekend, and to make it easy for visitors to find the artists whose work they want to see, the artists are listed by name, by media they work in, and by neighborhood. There is also an interactive map that shows each artist’s location, along with a brief description of their work and notations about handicap access for each location.

The site is built on a MySQL database that dynamically generates all the artist’s pages, the map, and the index pages. Lots of database programming went into the site, along with some very cool programming for the map. The site design (which has received numerous compliments) is by Ellen Fisher of Fisher Mural.

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