Welcome to CyberArtisans

It’s time to update your website. Did you forget you had one? With everyone’s focus changing to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and others, you may forget you even have a website.

Our advice: Don’t do that. Your website sits at the base of the online marketing pyramid for your company. Here’s what we mean:


Your website contains all the basic information about you that doesn’t change day-to-day: A description of your services, your contact information, your bio. It may also contain ordering information and a shopping cart if you sell online. And for anyone who finds you on the search engines, it is the first impression you give to any visitor.

Your blog is your weekly (or monthly) update. Got some interesting news about your business? Your profession? It should go in your blog. If possible, get in the habit of writing a blog regularly. It doesn’t have to be long – just a couple of paragraphs to keep  attention focused on you and your business.

An email newsletter is the next step up the pyramid. Newsletters can be issued less frequently (say, monthly) but they put your name into your recipients’ Inbox. Another reminder that you exist and are there to help.

And finally social media. Many people have a problem getting comfortable with social media. The best advice? Worry less about being perfect and just dive in. The more you do the more comfortable you will be. Every time you put up a blog, point to it with Facebook and Twitter. If you change your website, make a note in LinkedIn.

If any of these steps give you a problem, contact me. I’m here to help!